So Jim the Gardener, there’s no fuss
A task done well when he comes to us
He mows and rakes and tidies for you
Around Paisley, Renfrew, Govan too
He’s busy with his trusty mower
And when done, blasts his leaf blower

He does his best to make you happy
This bulking lad is a gentle chappy
He just wants to do a good job well
An honest worker, folks will tell
About the clearing work once done
He soldiers on through rain or sun

With his Frisky Fox or Stihl or Cobra
Quality kit is what he pays for
He’s genuine, friendly, and not work shy
Though hay fever gives him such puffy eyes!
Cos a good job’s worth doing well, we know
His reputation before him it does go

So regular jobs or one-off tasks
Lawns and hedges, those chores to ask
Cos folk call him to return each year
And that, my friend, makes us happy to hear
He’s a friend, but I’m proud of him
Paisley’s local gardener called big Jim

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